Board Repair

Mobile Board Repairs Service

Here at Moblie Mart, we invest in state of the art equipment allowing us to provide motherboard repair services at very affordable prices. Mobile Mart has a Skilled Tech. which results in a very high success rate in repairing any type of printed circuit board. From simple sim card reader repairs to replacing IC’s and other SMD Components, we are the Sydney number one in all smartphone and tablet motherboard repair services.

Water Damaged Repairs

25% of iPhone users report having damaged their device, and water damage is one of the biggest problems. 15% of those with a broken iPhone point to liquid damage as the culprit. Luckily, the certified, trained technicians at Mobile Mart have the expertise and experience to troubleshoot and repair your water-damaged devices, whether you spilled your morning cup of coffee all over your device or accidentally dropped it in the toilet. Depending on the specific repair, our technicians may even be able to repair your device while you wait.

What we can fix

Screen Repairs
Water Damage Repair
Logic Board & IC Issue
Charging Port Issue
Battery Issue
Wi-Fi & Network Issue
Not Power On.(Dead)
Mic Issue
Speaker Issue